Our youngster, Atticus, aka Kengali's Worth the Wait, is rocking the show world these days!  This handsome 8 mos. old won back to back Majors in his home state of Texas, going Best of Breed from the classes over  6 Specials on November 30th and December 1st!  Thanks to judges Gloria Geringer and Joe Walton for these wonderful wins!  Huge thanks to his talented handler, Sue Cassel, and owners, Sandra and Al Alverson, for not being afraid to reach for the stars with this young boy!  He has MANY great things ahead of him!  Atticus is a son of Jami and Jethro and is totally living up to his designer genes. 
11/15/13 - Ygritte wins Best of Winners and Best of Breed Owner Handler...and then we go on to win a Group 3 Owner Handler award!  That was a fistful of ribbons!!!
On October 27th, Jethro and Diva earned their International Champion titles in style!  Jethro won Best of Breed in all three shows they competed in, as well as two Group 1s and a Group 3 and then three Group 1s in Best Bred by Exhibitor competition.  Sweet!!!!


11/9/13 - Legend begins his career as a Specials, handled by my friend, Matt Coughlin...and he's off to a GREAT start!  He and Matt won Best of Breed on Saturday; his first time in the show ring since he finished back in January and Matt's first time handling him!  On Sunday, they won Select, so he has two major wins in his first weekend out!  WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!  The two of them looked great together....despite Legend constantly looking for ME!  He'll grow to love Matt soon enough, I'm sure.  Exciting times ahead including Eukanuba in December!


Sunday, September 29th.....our little Ygritte wins a 3 point major at the Jacksonville Dog Fanciers Association show!!  At just a little over 6 months old, she's already strutting her stuff and turning heads!  There's no such thing as a stranger in her world, her tail wags constantly and she's loving all the excitement of going to a show. Gotta love that!!!  More great fun in store for her, I'm sure! 

Also....not to be outdone....after finishing her championship the weekend before, Gemma won Best of Opposite Sex both days this weekend, earning two major wins and 8 points towards her Grand Champion title!  Not bad for a now 11 mos old girl!

Yep!  We're HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY here on the farm!

          YGRITTE                                                        GEMMA


Today, 9/22/13, in Deland my sweet baby girl, Gemma, became a NEW CHAMPION at just 10 1/2 mos!  It seems like it was just yesterday that she looked like this picture above!  She finished in style with 4 major wins, beautifully handled by Sharon Turner.  What a great team they make!  Now, when she turns a year old, we'll see if she can take that same enthusiasm to the coursing field like her momma!