Allie and Huey's pups arrived early on February 13th!  She just couldn't wait one more day, so no Valentine's litter!  Instead we have a MAGICAL litter of beautiful little Princesses.....and of course, we have to have Prince Charming!  That's right!  8 beautiful pups with 7 girls and 1 boy, born last!  Welcome to the world little Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Giselle, Tiana and Mulan....and our handsome Prince!

Prince Charming and four of the girls have picture perfect ridges, while the other  three girls are beautiful Zimbabwe Flatbacks - no ridge at all!  They are sure to be the prettiest pups in the litter!  Despite having no ridge, they will have all the other wonderful attributes of the breed and make the best family companions you could ask for!

Allie is a wonderful mom and has settled right in keeping them well fed and clean as a whistle!  Stay tuned for their adventures as they continue to grow!

FOUR Weeks now!


It's been a crazy few weeks here....keeping us hopping!  Today Annie and I were able to get together and have a photo shoot with the gang!  Can't believe they're almost four weeks old already...time flies!  The pups are looking great - beautiful conformation and they're little personalities are just starting to bloom!  Allie, and her mom, Annie,  have done an awesome job of raising them and Allie continues to watch after them with great care.

So let's put some names to them!

We have, of course.....Prince Charming!  He doesn't have a collar, as we know which one he is!  The only boy!

The Princesses:   Ariel - orange, Jasmine - purple, Aurora - hot pink, Belle - yellow, Tiana - green, Mulan - light pink and Giselle - tan

Princesses Tiana, Mulan and Belle are the ridgeless girls - and just as beautiful as they often are!  Prettiest in the litter!


Pups have had a BIG EVENT this week!  They're here on the farm with their Grandma Arya, Auntie Reine Marie and best puppy sitter ever....BIJOUX!!  What a bunch of sweet pups they are, too!!  Made it REALLY hard to take pictures today, as they were under my feet all the time.  Had to climb up on a log to get away from them....and they STILL tried to follow me up on it!

Little Ariel and Jasmine had a different kind of adventure today.  They both were born with a dermoid sinus, so had surgery today to have them removed.  Everything went well and they are back home now...starving!...since they didn't get breakfast this morning.  They just get a small dinner on surgery day, but will be back to regular meals tomorrow!  I fully expect them to recover completely with no chance for any future problems from this!  

The pups will continue to have their daily outings, romping around and seeing what kind of trouble they can get into.  We'll be making final decisions on which pup goes to each family this coming week!   And more pictures will be forthcoming, too!