FCH Terra Christa's Khaleesi Dragon by Kengali, SC

4/20/11 - 9/26/17


My heart broke once again on September 26, 2017 when I had to let Khaleesi go.  Even tho all the tests and biopsy said no cancer...just a bad bone infection, it continued to worsen and nothing we did was good enough.  Heartfelt thanks to my vets, Dr. Pam Schrager and Dr. Lisa Mason at Florida Wild who did everything possibly to help Khaleesi beat this and at the last,  to give her a peaceful end to the pain and trauma she was suffering.  Fly free my beautiful girl!  And your legacy continues with your namesake baby - Khaleesi - Kengali's Stormborn, Second of Her Name.  Til we're together  again!