In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, as Hurricane Irma slowly made her way across the Caribbean...we planned and waited with baited breath for her impact and the aftereffects that we knew would be harsh.  Khaleesi was due to have her puppies on the 9th or 10th and I prayed they would come early!!  Thankfully....they did!  Friday, the 8th was her big day and the puppies arrived while we were still in normal mode with power, running water and an abundance of nerves as we waited for Irma!  

Sunday nite was one of the scariest of my life!  The noise from this storm was like nothing I've ever heard before!  We lost power around 7pm and it wasn't until 8 days later that we got it back.  THANKFULLY there was no damage to the house, barn or vehicles and we were all safe inside.  The following week was pretty tough, tho, especially with no running water and no lights at night.  We lost 2 of the puppies because I couldn't always see what was going on and Khaleesi, not feeling well herself, laid on them.  Another pup didn't thrive and simply slipped away despite our best efforts.   

One of my other girls, Quilla, had a false pregnancy going on, complete with milk, so she ended up taking over the pups and is raising them as her own.  They got FAT fast with two mommas feeding them!!  Thankfully they are all thriving now and are cute and sweet as can be!  Charm and Khaleesi can be proud  of them, for sure!!

Our Second Week!

The pups are continuing to thrive!  They now have eyes and ears open and will soon start recognizing my voice!  They've had their second toenail dremeling, first de-worming and are almost thru with their Stimulation exercises.  ALL GOOD!

They also have their names now!  Yep!  Following along with the string of hurricanes we've Jose (turquoise collar), Harvey (black collar), Irma (white collar, Katia (yellow collar) and Maria ( pink collar).  Let's hope they DON'T live  up to their names!!

Week 3!

Week three!  Almost a full moon on another stormy night and BIG changes are in store for the pups!  Time for them to start eating puppychow ....and OH!  Do they love it!!  Quilla is starting to wean them and doesn't spend as much time as she used to.  Still sleeps with them all night, tho!  They have found their voices and are "entertaining" me with them!  Last night they were making such an uproar I had to get up at 3am to feed them to get them to quiet down!  Stuffed them full tonite, so am hoping we won't have a repeat!  They've had their first deworming this week and another toenail dremeling....GOOD PUPPIES they were!!


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