“Patience you must have, my young Padawan.” – Yoda

Sunday…May 19….or Monday, May 20th??!   Mischievous Murphy and Mara Jade's puppies made their appearance!  Mischievous Murphy??? More like MISCHIEVOUS Mara Jade!   She took her sweet time in delivering their puppies!  It was a long day and nite for us, but they have 8 beautiful, healthy, perfectly ridged puppies - 2 boys and 6 girls!  AND we have one livernose male and one livernose female!!


Meet our little Jedi Knights!

Jabba the Mutt - blue
Chewbarka - purple, liver nose


Leia - white
Rissa Mano - rainbow
Aayla Secura - pink, livernose
Jaina Solo - orange
Nomi Sunrider - yellow
Shaak Ti - green

GCH Aariel's Mischievous Murphy CGC!!

Proud Papa - MURPHY!!!

Murphy is a gorgeous boy owned by our friends, Carol Burridge, Charlie Wilson and Magen Bouchard!  He brings new blood to our line along with excellent health statistics, super temperament and strong conformation and breed type.  SO EXCITED to watch these wee ones bloom and grow!!

Murphy's Pedigree

Murphy's OFA Record

Almost 3 weeks!

My work is about to start!   The pups are almost 3 weeks old and are more than ready to start eating puppychow!  Mara Jade is going to be VERY relieved!  Those sharp little teeth that are coming in and the toenails….OUCH!  They do get their nails dremeled weekly and that helps, but still!  They have grown a lot and will really start to bloom this next week!  Soon we'll start some outdoor adventures, early in the morning before the heat sets in!