Sing a Song Of Summer!!

Khaleesi and Tyrion outdid themselves!  Thursday, June 6th, was her BIG DAY and she delivered 12 picture perfect pups in less than 7 hours!  Must be a record!  They have 6 males and 6 females, all beautifully ridged and sure to be showstoppers!

Meet our summer song pups!

The Girls:  Maggie Mae - rainbow, Jolene - pink, Sharona - white, Billie Jean - green, Brandy - aqua and Eleanor Rigby - yellow

The Boys:  Leroy Brown - brown/white, Bungalow Bill - blue, Louie Louie - black, Johnny B Goode - red, Cotton Eyed Joe - camo, Fernando- purple

4 Weeks!!

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!  Our little pups have GROWN over the last few weeks and are busy celebrating the holiday!  Khaleesi continues to be an excellent mom, feeding them well, even tho they're enjoying their puppychow twice a day.  They're getting really vocal about meal times and are sure to let everyone know that chow is wanted NOW!  They are super sweet, friendly and outgoing pups - no surprise there and are getting plenty of socialization, including daily French lessons from little Frenchie, BeeBee! 

Six Weeks now!

Our little Songbirds have grown a LOT in the week I was out West!  Khaleesi is VERY happy that they're eating really good now and her feeding days are over!  The pups have had a busy week getting used to their new digs here on the farm.  They're not sure what this great big new world has to hold for them yet, but they're having a great time discovering it!  Stay tuned for more new adventures!