We are supporters of our  breed Rescue groups and encourage folks to check out the Ridgebacks in need in your area, when considering adding one of these beautiful dogs to your family.  The folks who do Rescue work are saints who put their hearts, souls and often, their paychecks, into this volunteer work and deserve a lot of thanks and praise for their efforts.

As breeders we are committed to doing the very best by our puppies that we can, and placing them in the best homes possible.  Still, we know life can sometimes throw us a curveball and the results are often unexpected and beyond our control.  Our sales contracts state that if any of our puppy/dog owners ever have to give up their dog during it's life, we are to be contacted first and we will either help them find a  new home for their dog or take him/her back.  ANYTIME!  ANY AGE!   We just want to be able to help if and when the need arises.

Please click on the links below to go directly to the Rescue websites: